What are “fat burning” supplements and how they work

In the meantime, immediately delete the term “fat burner” from your head  ,  because: it is technically wrong , the real action that takes place in the body has nothing to do with it, in fact the fats are “broken down” into smaller pieces, which in turn are used by the cells to produce energy (if you put a slice of grilled bacon instead see what really happens to a fat when it burns); the idea is also wrong as a concept , because said that it really seems something that makes you lose weight even if you spend your days eating cakes and donuts, and instead it is absolutely not true Best rated fat burners.

There are supplements that help work on weight and reduce fat, and their technical name is “thermogenic supplements”. We will see why they are called this way shortly, first you need to take a step back to understand how they act and how they can really help you keep the scales at bay!

Let’s start by saying that these products work in the body by working on your metabolism , so it will be good to better understand how this works.

How the metabolism works

What metabolism is, roughly, I think you know. It is that function of your body that makes you assimilate food and consume calories,  or at least this is the general idea that everyone has.

And it’s not a completely wrong idea, but a little vague.

For most women, however, it is a defective part of their organism, because it uses few calories and because of it they gain weight. Perhaps this is the case for you too, and you have often cursed your body because you struggle to lose weight …