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Let's make the Google API an open standard.

An open message to Microsoft and Yahoo, and major implementors of search engines: Please clone the Google API, without the limits.

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Back in 2002, Google took a bold first step to enable open architecture search engines, by creating an API that allowed developers to build Public Domain Images and applications on top of their search engine. However, there were severe limits on the capacity of these applications. So we got a good demo of what might be, now three years later, it's time for the real thing.

Today, in late 2005, Google is still the leader in search, but either Yahoo or Microsoft, or even better -- both -- could leapfrog Google by allowing developers to build unlimited applications on their search engine. Or, if unlimited is not possible, make the limit practical for serious Internet applications, perhaps 1 million queries per day? Let's work this out.

When an application starts getting serious traffic, pick up the phone and let's figure out how to make some money. High traffic is good news, it's something to welcome, to encourage, not something to fear!

We've asked for a plug-in architecture for search engines, and if we can't have that, a solid easy-to-program API is a pretty good alternative.

Google needs competition. We need Google to have competition, but no. You need to be competitive. We're close to the answer -- an open unlimited API that's easy to work with and compatible. That's the next step in the Internet as a platform for applications.