Read The Best Tea For Weight Loss Reviews

We discuss below Best tea for weight loss reviews and what role do they play in the health of heart.  The center of focus in the article is the connection between tea (a refreshment drink) and the health of the heart.

Tea vs. coffee:

There`s also not denying the fact that tea is consumed by almost the entire world, even more than coffee.  In fact, it is a refreshment drink in some countries. Amidst this green tea consumption is more famous and is widely consumed.  The leaves of the green tea are very well protected with the protecting elements polyphenol phytochemicals which are also known as catechins.  These elements are seen to prevent heart diseases, damage of cells from oxidative stress, as well as promoting the health of the brain.

You will certainly have to buy the argument that green tea has a huge role in regulating the health of an individual by burning off fat from the body by boosting metabolism and curbing the appetite. This is a known benefit and pros of green tea which everyone is aware of . but besides, there are other benefits of teas also like black and Oolong tea.

As per University of Maryland Medical Center, thee three teas i.e. green, black and oolong are basically derived from the leaves of `Camelia Sinensis` Plant.  Green tea is prepared with the unfermented leaves, the black tea with the partially fermented leaves and oolong tea with the fully fermented leaves.